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What can we say about us?

We are a couple in life and in the studio.  Like puzzles, we complement each other in private life and in the studio.  

There is no strict division into our roles or activities. Our work is the result of a joint creation, exchange of ideas and solutions, everyone adds something from himself. We treat our projects personally as another child, and we have considerable experience in this; on the account of five children and still appearing grandchildren (the topic is dynamic, so the lack of a precise number prevents this entry from being updated;)).  

Kasia - born in 1968, sociologist, coach, therapist, studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Zbyszek  - born in 1959, a chemist, for years associated with the printing industry.

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Inventive TM sp. z o.o., Sztygarów 8a 04-851 Warszawa  |  Tel: +48 510 205 626; 502 640 011

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